Star Trek: Starfinder

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An original Star Trek Audio drama that takes place in the continuity of "Star Trek Online", Starfinder is an Odyssey class starship with an experimental Artificial Intelligence for it's Captain. A synthetic brain attached to a data processor with the memories and experiences of several of Starfleets finest commanders imprinted into his matrix. When a mysterious expanse of space called "The Outback" becomes suddenly navigable after centuries of subspace anomalies preventing passage, Starfleet sends Starfinder to Investigate. Bringing with them a group of former Dominion Vorta and Jem'Hadar who seek sanctuary and to serve Starfleet after being shunned by the Founders in the aftermath of the incident with the "2800" (An event in a featured episode series in Star Trek Online),the crew set forth to "Boldly Go!" as first officer Vaihuu, one of the first Romulan Starfleet officers, puts it.